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La Maldita Cordura

Honoring the name of our vineyard house, La Bendita Locura, and as an antithesis, we present La Maldita Cordura. Angela, one of us, is in charge of preparing the dishes of our kitchen. Always keeping the spirit of using local products and seasons, and perhaps drunk by the beautiful vineyard that surrounds us, we wanted to give a twist to the concept.

Therefore, in order to enjoy one of the dishes of our private chef, you must book in advance and tell us how many exact diners you will be. We will provide you with several tasting menu proposals, with which you will live the complete experience of La Bendita Locura. If you want to know more, contact us and we will explain more about this service. Maximum 24 people, so we guarantee the quality of our dishes to the smallest detail.

We present some of the dishes that you can taste in our house. We will be happy to cook for you.

Pickled partridge salad

On a base of several leaves, and with a special dressing of La Maldita Cordura, we find this pickled partridge that gives a different touch to the concept of "salad".

Rabbit to the oloroso

There are two typical animals of the vineyard: the partridge and the rabbit. And both have their place in our kitchen. The odorous rabbit with truffle mashed potato is a true delight.

Mango gazpacho with shrimp

A mixture that is spectacular on the palate: the freshness of the shrimp from Sanlúcar, with the sweet touch of mango gazpacho. A different way to eat prawns. What are you waiting to try it?

Bluefin tuna tartar

One of our star dishes, which can never be missing from La Maldita Cordura's menu: marinated tuna tartar, on a bed of avocado and chopped tomato.


A Turkish cake made with a filo dough and filled with pistachios or crushed nuts, and bathed in a homemade syrup of orange blossom water ... one of the star desserts of La Maldita Cordura.

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